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We are pleased to announce the return of our Winter Rope Comp Series. There will be new routes to either top-rope or lead every round, there will be a three rounds in total from 1st Feb - April 30th. Prizes will be awarded for category winners. You can take as long as you like to complete each round. Everyone who hands in a scorecard will be entered into our end of event prize draw and winners will be announced in early May.



Male / Female:

  • 12 and under ·
  • 13 to 16 ·
  • 17 to 44 ·
  • 45 to 60 ·
  • 60 + ·
  • Open (6c or above leaders)

All competitors that lead 6c or above must go in to the open category

The Rules

All attempts must be ground up without any practice.

After unsuccessful attempts the climber must be lowered to the ground and must not practice any moves before retrying the route.

When leading the rope must be pulled down after every attempt.

First clip can be pre-clipped . ·

Routes must be climbed without weight on the rope or any assistance from your belayer. ·

Any technical faults e.g. Spinning holds will warrant a retry of that attempt.

Do not use bolt or screw holes in holds

Please be truthful when scoring.

Number off attempts counts for both top rope and lead e.g fail 1st attempt lead but then top rope the route clean go would count as 2nd attempt.

Please keep your scorecard and come back as many times as you like till 7:30 pm on the last day of each round.

All scores from each round will be added up to give you a final score


  • Round 1 1st to 24th Feb
  • Round 2 1st to 30th March
  • Final round 1st to 30th April


Results announced early May All score cards will be put in an end of series raffle

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