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Newcastle Climbing Centre welcomes everyone whether you are a novice who wants to gain experience and develop skills or a dedicated rock athlete looking to push your limits. We provide an environment that caters for all abilities and offers the best indoor climbing experience.

No climbing experience?

We offer a range of introductory courses from a one hour, “taster” session to a complete indoor climbing course where you will learn all you need to safely make the best use of the climbing walls. All courses are with a qualified instructor and all equipment will be provided.

Once you have completed one of our courses you will be able to climb unsupervised in the future, provided that the instructor expresses no safety concerns.

You may also learn to climb under the supervision of an experienced friend who is a registered climber.

Unsupervised climbing

Registered adult climbers may climb unsupervised at the Centre. A registered climber can supervise up to two novice climbers per session.

How to register

Adults with climbing experience may register to climb unsupervised at the Centre.
In order to register you must be able to :-
1.Put on a sit harness correctly
2.Attach a rope to the harness using a re-threaded figure of eight
3.Use a belay device to secure a falling climber

Young climbers

Children aged 5 and upwards may climb at the Centre under the supervision of a registered adult climber.
If you are aged between 5 and 14 years you may join our Kids Rock Climbing Club under the supervision of our qualified staff. (Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult).

We also offer Taster sessions for Juniors under 16 years of age. If you are between 14 and 17 years old you may climb unsupervised at the Centre with parental consent* and after passing an assessment.

*Parental constent forms can be found on our downloads page.



**Newcastle Climbing Centre reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual or groups.


COVID UPDATE: We have had to make some changes due to the government guidance on Covid-19. To see what new safety measures we have in place please click here to view our Covid Secure Climbing Policy.

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