Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us using our simple contact email form or by telephone on 0191 265 6060 if you have any questions at all. Before you do so it’s worth checking the frequently asked questions below to see those questions that we are most often are asked by our customers…

I’ve never climbed before what can I do?

If you’ve never climbed before you will need to book a session with an instructor. A Taster Session is ideal if you just want to have a go. If you want to start climbing regularly then an Introductory Course would be better.

How old do I have to be to use the centre?

The centre offers instructed climbing to everyone aged 7 and above and climbers as young as 5 can use the facilities under supervision of an adult registered climber.

For beginners we offer courses for adults and clubs for younger climbers aged 7 to 17.
If you are a competent climber you need to be over 18 to complete our standard registration process. Registered climbers can bring up to two climbers to the centre and supervise them – you can bring children from aged 5 and above.

If you are between 14 and 17years old and a competent climber you can only climb under the supervision of an adult (either a registered climber or one of our instructors) unless you have been assessed and signed off by an instructor.

How do I register to use the climbing centre?

If you are competent climber then you need to register with us. The registration process is simple. There is a short form to complete and we will check that you are aware of the risks inherent in climbing and ask to see you demonstrate some of the basics such as tying in and belaying. Registration forms are available to download here.

What gear do I need?

If you are taking part in an instructed session, such as a taster session or course, we provide all the gear you will need free of charge.

If you are climbing independently you can hire all the equipment you need from reception including harnesses, belay devices and shoes. Alternatively a comprehensive range of climbing equipment can be purchased from our onsite gear shop.

Can I climb unsupervised if I have no experience?

If you have no climbing experience you can only register to boulder only at the centre. Bouldering is unsupervised and un-roped climbing and is available to over 18’s only. Bouldering and auto belay membership option?

Can I bring other individuals or groups to climb at the centre?

Registered climbers can sign in up to two guests – if they are novices or children (aged 5 upwards) you must remain on the floor and belay them throughout.

If you wish to bring a group to the centre you will need to hire an instructor to run the session unless you are a qualified instructor. Please refer to our Visiting Instructor Policy for information about the qualifications and insurance we require from visiting instructors.

Do you have any rules or conditions I need to follow at the centre?

Yes! When you register to climb unsupervised you will be asked to read and sign that you have understood our Centre Conditions of Use and Rules. The Conditions are available to download Newcastle Climbing Centre Conditions of Use and Rules (PDF).

We have some specific requests:

  • No loose chalk please
  • We ask all climbers to tie in with a re-threaded figure of eight knot when climbing at the centre (we do not accept other knots even though they may be widely used elsewhere).
  • If you have old or worn gear our instructors have the right to check it and, if they deem it unsafe, will ask you to hire gear from the centre.
  • Please climb fully clothed – no topless climbing!

What does it cost?

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