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There will be ten routes from grade F5+ to F8a.

To take part just turn up with a friend, pay the usual wall entry fee and purchase a scorecard from the wall for only £1.

The BMC Leading Ladder is a fun lead climbing competition that starts in October and runs at 29 UK walls until the end of March, giving you the opportunity to travel around the country and take part in leading competitions right throughout the winter.


How will it work?

The BMC Leading Ladder competition routes are clearly marked and anyone using the wall may climb them. But if you want to take part and have your score recorded, then you need to buy a scorecard for £1 from the host venue. Do not try routes before buying a scorecard - that is cheating!

Scoring will rely on the honesty and integrity of those taking part and those belaying. Climbers start at the bottom of a route and see if they can climb to the top. Clipping the lower-off from a hold on the route signifies a successful ascent. If a climber is successful, their belayer marks their score their card. If not, an X is marked on the card. Higher scores are awarded for fewer goes and, of course, a flash ascent receives the highest score.

Succeeding on a route on the first attempt (a flashed ascent, or flash for short) gains 20 points. Getting it second go gains 15 points, third go 11 points, fourth go eight points, fifth go six points, and sixth go five points. Subsequent attempts, however many, gain one point. Competitors may attempt the routes as often as they like during the period when the competition is running at a particular venue. The maximum possible score at any one venue will be 200 points - that's 10 climbs multiplied by 20 points.


Full rules


Can I practise the moves before trying the routes?

Nope. With the maximum score for the on-sight, climbers can't practise or inspect the routes first. Nor are they allowed to weight the rope, use out-of-bounds holds or features, use the top edge or side edges of the wall, or grab the lower-off. All quick-draws are to be clipped while climbing - the first one may be pre-clipped for safety.



Competitors choose their own belayer(s) as usual at a climbing wall. Climbers and belayers will be required to meet a wall's usual entry conditions. To find out what these are, especially if you are under 18, please contact the wall prior to your visit.



At the end of each round, walls return the scorecards to the BMC for the overall tally.

See the latest resulsts for the 2011/2012 season. Results tables show the top 10 climbers in each category. These are broken down by age and gender, along with the number of rounds each climber has done. Where a climber has done more than three rounds, points shown are for their top three scoring rounds.


National Final

The National Final for the 2011/2012 season will be Saturday 14th April 2012, venue to be decided soon.


For more info please check out the BMC website

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